The Formal Notice, Privacy and Nondisclosure of Information Stated by ANSTAR AG

Anstar AG Company (Switzerland), hereinafter referred to as Anstar AG, supports this Web-site for informational and educational purposes. The Web-site contains general information on medical products (hereinafter referred to as “Products”) which are officially registered by the authorized state structures of the Russian Federation and/or are in the free circulation on the territory of the Russian Federation.

The Web-site can contain general information regarding a person’s state of health and means of treatment of various diseases. This information should not be considered to be an equivalent of a visit to a qualified doctor. It is not advisable to use the information contained here to diagnose health disorders and differentiate current illnesses. In all cases of any health problems, you should address directly to your personal physician (or a qualified medical expert of a particular field).

The Web-site contains the information about Anstar AG, which can appear to be useful for business partners, employees, as well as for the general public. Nevertheless, Anstar AG does not provide any guarantees or warranties regarding availability, accuracy or completeness of any information presented here. Anstar AG does not incur any liability or responsibility for any errors or omissions in the contents of the present Web-site.

The Web-site can contain financial and other information, which can refer to the future and thus can be inexact or subsequently not proved, including, without the restrictions, all the risks dealing with initially present uncertainty concerning any results of pharmaceutical (clinical) researches, working out of new products and their introduction into commercial manufacturing, possible occurrence and corresponding influence of competing products, disputes concerning patents, as well as compensation for damages to the third parties, inherent in the pharmaceutical industry as a whole, as well as other risks and uncertainty.

By accessing and using the present Web-site and its contents you signify your assent to the below mentioned terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to as “Terms and Conditions”) without any restrictions or exceptions.

Terms and Conditions

You can freely browse the Web-site. You have the right to download the Web-site materials free of charge. All and any downloaded materials can be used for your personal, non-commercial purposes. However, you can not spread, modify, transfer, reuse, resend any of such materials without direct written permission from Anstar AG. All copyrights and neighboring rights, trade marks rights and other intellectual property rights contained in the downloaded materials, should not be violated by you.

You recognize that all the contents of the present Web-site are protected by the legislation of the Russian Federation, if other is not specified, and can not be used otherwise, except as it is described within the present document and without a direct written permission form Anstar AG. Images of persons or places, presented on the Web-site, are either the intellectual property of Anstar AG or used according to an Anstar AG permission.

You are not allowed to use these images somehow, if other is not established according to the present Terms and Conditions or a special permission, published somewhere on the present Web-site. Unapproved use of these images can entail infringement of the current international contracts in the field of protection of intellectual property rights, copyrights and etc., the Law of the Russian Federation, dated July 9th, 1993, N 5351-I "On copyright and neighboring rights", the Law of the Russian Federation, dated September 23rd, 1992, N 3520-1 "On trade marks, service marks and names of places of origin of goods" and other applicable laws of the Russian Federation and subordinate certificates, including, but not limited to, in the field of confidence, advertizing and etc., protected by law.

Your use of the present Web-site occurs on your risk. Neither Anstar AG nor any other party participated in its creation, content supporting or promoting, bears the responsibility for any direct, casual, indirect, consecutive or penal losses, arising from the use or browsing of the present Web-site, including possible losses, arising from possible viruses, which can attack your personal computer, equipment or any other property.

Without the aforesaid restrictions, all the information on the Web-site is provided to you «AS IS» WITHOUT GUARANTEES OF ANY KIND, BOTH DIRECTLY EXPRESSED AND IMPLIED.

Any information, transferred within communication, or materials, which you transfer or publish on the Web-site by means of e-mail or otherwise, including any data, questions, comments, offers or similar information, is not considered to be and can not be referred to as confidential or as information, belonging to anybody on the property right.

Anstar AG or any of its affiliated persons can use such information or materials, transferred by you to the present Web-site, in the course of its use and communication for any personal purposes, including, but not limiting to, copying, disclosure, transfer, publication, broadcasting and further transfer. Moreover, Anstar AG and its affiliated persons can use free of charge any ideas, concepts, know-how or development works, contained in any information or materials, which you for any purpose send to the Web-site, including, but not limiting to, for working out, manufacture and promotion of Anstar AG products.

Trade marks, logotypes and service marks (hereinafter referred to as “Trade marks"), presented on the Web-site, are registered or unregistered trademarks and/or brands of Anstar AG or other companies. No term, no condition and etc. on the present Web-site should be regarded or interpreted as granting directly or by implication any license or right to Trade marks to you. Abuse or any use of the Trade marks placed on the Web-site is strictly forbidden.

We notify you that Anstar AG will take an active part to protect its intellectual property - the Web-site and its contents - in full, admissible by the law, including criminal prosecution.

Anstar AG does not bear any responsibility for contents of any pages, links to which can be placed on the present Web-site. If you follow the link to another Web-site, please, be aware of formal notices and privacy terms and nondisclosure of the information of that site. They may differ from the Terms and Conditions placed on our site.

Though Anstar AG can check and look through discussions, chats, posts, messages, bulletin boards and other information contained on the present Web-site from time to time, nevertheless, Anstar AG is not obliged to be engaged in it, except for cases of observance of the obligatory requirements, stated by the legislation of the Russian Federation.

Anstar AG does not incur any responsibility and obligations, arising from the wrongful maintenance of the information, given by you to the present Web-site, including, but not limiting to, any errors, slander, discredit, damaging evidence, omissions, lie, obscene expressions, pornography, curses, danger or discrepancy, contained in any information on the Web-site. You are forbidden from publishing or transferring any illegal, containing threat or curses, false, obscene, pornographic, information, stirring up national hatred or any materials, able to make or incite actions, which can be considered as a criminal offence, will entail a civil liability or will be other infringement of the applicable legislation. Anstar AG will provide any help to any law enforcement bodies and execute all judgments, demanding or requesting from Anstar AG to open a profile of any person, publishing any similar information or materials.

You are forbidden to change, damage or misrepresent the Web-site or to add to the site any unapproved materials. We notify to you that Anstar AG will actively protect the Web-site and pursue infringers in according to prosecution regulations in full, permitted by the law, including criminal prosecution.

Anstar AG reserves the right to change or delete materials from the Web-site at any time, as well as to reconsider the present Terms and Conditions and other Statements, presented on this Web-site, at any time by updating.

Statement for Confidentiality and Information Nondisclosure

We do not demand any information, which makes it possible to identify your person except you provide it to us of your own free will. If you do not want us to know the information, which identifies your person, do not provide it to us.

If you send the information, according to which it is possible to identify your person, including your name, address, e-mail address, phone number and other personal information to us, we can use it for communication with you by means of electronic or regular mail, sending the information which, from our point of view, can be interesting for you. At the same time you will be able to refuse this service.

We do not sell or transfer to other persons out of Anstar AG the information, which you have sent to us, except for the case that your data can be transferred to the external company-executor for processing and sending post messages exclusively.

We consider your e-mail address or any personal information, which you have given to us, to be confidential and will keep it private within Anstar AG. Also we will provide keeping it confidential by any external company-executor as well. Within Anstar AG this data or an access to it can be transferred to authorized personnel of Anstar AG in other countries. All along personal data is kept private.

Data, which is not private (your personal information), such as questions, comments, ideas and suggestions, are not considered to be confidential, so Anstar AG can disclose and use this information free of charge, without occurrence of any obligations concerning you, for any purposes and in any way.


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