Temcital, 20 mg capsule

Temcital, 100 mg capsule

Temcital, 140 mg capsule

Temcital, 180 mg capsule

Temcital, 250 mg capsule


Temcital ® ( temozolomide ) - alkylating agents which may be used to treat a multiform glioblastoma and melanoma.

Registration number:

ЛСР-006561/10, ЛП-001832

Indications for use

  • initially identified glioblastoma multiforme - a combination treatment with radiation therapy followed by adjuvant monotherapy.
  • malignant glioma ( glioblastoma multiforme or anaplastic astrocytoma ) in the presence of recurrence or progression after standard therapy.
  • as a first-line therapeutic agent for common metastatic malignant melanoma

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